All products are made, packaged & distributed in Tulsa, OK.

Currently I make, pour, label, office and all things from my home office, but I do dream of an 'official' office someday...

Koory Organics was developed shortly after the first of 8 surgeries involving Breast Cancer.  During a bilateral mastectomy, lymph nodes were removed and I was seen by a Lymphedema Specialist who warned me to be extremely careful of any products I put on my skin, as our bodies have to process that as well, and my immune system was all ready compromised. This is not something I had ever given much thought to and my wheels starting spinning on how I could still keep my skin soft, but without the worry of chemicals into my system.  I began a ton of research and discovered most products available were filled with alcohol, perfumes, fragrances, and harsh parabens which more than take a toll on the skin & body.

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How it Began




Ginger Koory


​​KOORY organics

In April 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage IIB, Grade 3, IDC & DCIS Breast Cancer.  I have two children and knew right away I would do everything in my power to survive, thrive & see them have children of their own someday.  It was a very personal choice for me to go the all natural route. After much reading& research, off to the kitchen I went! I created "Grace", an all natural body oil and used on myself and my scars.  Not only was it serving its primary purpose of keeping my skin moisturized, fine lines were disappearing and my scars were soon to fade, (so much so my reconstructive surgeon was amazed and asked me to bring some to his office)  plus, my skin always had a glow.  So this, is the story of Koory Organics.  We believe that what you put on your body truly is as important as what you put in it!  Much love, G.